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This is one of the main services of With a team of experienced lawyers for many years in the field of real estate, IntracoLaw Firm is providing services related to real estate are as follows:

• Advice overall project issues for investors. Investment opportunities in real estate will vary in different localities according to specific policies of that locality. In the densely population areas such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the real estate problem became more sensitive. will help investors obtain a holistic view from which to make rational investment decisions in accordance with the needs and the overall planning of the locality.

• Consulting survey and fieldwork. Investors will be provide the most comprehensive information about that location as the owner of the land, the legal status of the land, the information on the planning of the land, the legal options reasonable to obtain land use rights and legal plans to implement the project as planned by the investor.

• Legal advice on specific projects such as setting up new urban centers, condominiums, offices and commercial centers, resorts and hotels.

• Provide advice and support in negotiating with partners to reach land in the event the land was assigned to a unit manager. customer support about the pros and cons of land and legal landowner's current plans to negotiate a reasonable exchange in order to achieve the best results in the cooperation.

• Consultation on implementing the procedures related to the application for or transfer of land use rights, land use planning, conversion of land use purpose.

• Representing clients working with state agencies having jurisdiction under the provisions of the law in order to gain the approval of the investment criteria of investors. In this will ensure the legality of the operation permit of investors, ensuring harmony between investment requirements and current regulations. support the achievement of the density of land use, land-use ratio, building height, setbacks at the most reasonable rates.