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You want to be the boss, you want to be entrepreneurs, established companies you want to deploy the ideas and seize business opportunities. You performed alone or in conjunction with many people to establish businesses. You need to establish service companies because you need fast, or you simply do not have time to perform the procedure established businesses.

Coming to, you will be advised law fully and most detailed of all aspects related to the before, during and after the establishment of the enterprise.

The Law Firm attorneys will detailed advice on important issues in the establishment of the company, namely:

- The conditions for the establishment of enterprises

- Naming now what should and what should be avoided

- Select the type of business: Private Enterprise, Co., Ltd., Corporation

- Select business

- The charter capital, legal capital, time capital contribution

- Profile of established businesses

The content of the service company established law firm that you will be interested

- Duration of procedure established companies: their nature depending on from 3-10 working days

- Cost of service Law Firm Please contact directly to the company to get the charges on the basis of specific requests

- Support business after the establishment of the Company Law

Legal advisory services relating to the service company established Law Firm

- Establishment of a joint stock company

- Establishment Co., Ltd.

- Establishment of private enterprises

- Establishment of a branch

- Establishing a representative office

- Change the business registration

o business name

o corporate headquarters

o The founding shareholders, members of the company

o The legal representative

o Adding, changing business

o Additional changes founding

o Registration of capital increase

- Registration of Trademarks

- Transformation of business

- Labor Advisory

- Tax Consultants

- Consulting contract

- Advisory dispute resolution

- Purchase and sale of businesses, business merger

- Dissolution of business

Documents relating to the establishment of businesses that you can refer to

- Law on Enterprises 2005

- Decree 102

- Decree 43

- Decree 01

- Lines of business conditions