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This is an area where lawyers not experienced and enthusiastic longer is willing to assist clients dealing with disputes. With the motto of maximum protection of legitimate rights and interests of clients, customers will get the best solution to save time and costs

in resolving the dispute. has greatly assist clients in civil disputes, commercial agency and arbitration courts. These services are supported customers include:

• Representatives to negotiate with the other party in the dispute. With deep knowledge and experience in the legal proceedings and enforcement of judgments in Vietnam and a number of foreign countries and their lawyers will analyze more damage disputes to drag two parties closer together. There is a reasonable reconciliation.

• Representing clients in the acquisition and build and strengthen the evidence. Evidence is the key document mean success or failure in the dispute if the mediation fails.

• Handling of the statute of limitations issue. When the statute of all, the ability to sue is no longer, now need to handle legal to restore the statute of limitations.

• Apply a temporary emergency measure. This in many cases is essential to ensure the enforcement of the judgment. In many cases, simply apply this measure as the defendant may waive consent disputes and negotiate a resolution of the plaintiffs.

• Representing clients involved in legal proceedings in courts at all levels, to participate in proceedings in arbitration and abroad.

• Representing clients work with enforcement agencies to enforce the judgment or decision has legal effect. The implementation consists of verifying the status of the property to enforce, implement or blockade of property ...

• Registration and enforcement of judgments or decisions of foreign courts, foreign arbitral awards in Vietnam.