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Home pageKEYWORD_1ServicesKEYWORD_1Investment ConsultingKEYWORD_1Legal advice on investment implement comprehensive advice on investing activities related to all aspects of the investment before and after investment licenses, namely:
• Option collaboration, business plans: These plans investment cooperation is fundamental in the process of investment of each investor, consultant investors plan most suitable fit with the provisions of law and guarantee the interests of investors immediate and long term.
• Lines of business: Vietnam has been a member of the WTO and is on track to open integration with the world. The condition of some industries are changing. With a specific industry, investors will be advised about the condition of that occupation. There are many conditions related to a profession such as limited business, encourage investment, conditional on qualifications, experience, terms of percentage of ownership, conditional on minimum capital .... .
• Land and land planning: There are plans to have a location consistent with the business objectives of investors from renting or acquiring to invest in industrial parks and economic zones or applying mechanical authorities allocated a land plot in accordance with the planning. Each plan has its own pros and cons. Investors will get the assistance of a overview and details of a plan to get the proper choice.
• Labour. Investors will be consulted on the basic level of local labor. The average wage of workers. The social insurance scheme to pay. Policies for employees. The structure of local labor. Infrastructure for workers (the inn, road transport, markets).
• Protect the environment. Compliance with regulations on environmental protection is a mandatory requirement to invest in Vietnam. Investors will be advised about the legal procedures and norms for environmental protection in compliance with the current provisions of the law of Vietnam.
• Investment incentives. This is an important piece in the investment policy of the State of Vietnam. Preferential policies focused on land issues such as exemptions from land rent, land use fees; fields such as reducing taxes corporate income tax, import tax exemptions of some items which can not be produced. Investors will still invest and support the implementation of the procedure prescribed to enjoy this offer.
• Copyright and intellectual property. With over 10 years in the field of Intellectual Property, will have legal advice and assistance for drafting the document, and implement appropriate procedures to investors caught on IP issues , protection of rights and legitimate interests of investors related to IP issues.