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Investors always need information to be able to decide to invest or not invest with any scale, investment where the investment in time. assist investors to answer this question with the following information:

Market information: The information on import and export activities, the prospect, information about the competition will help a lot of activities which point to please investors want to penetrate the Vietnam market. With a network of information collection and extensive team of collaborators, are providing useful information to investors about the market in the process of investment activities in Vietnam.

Investment location information: Provides information related to specific locations to select investors as:

- Price of land

- Prices average labor

- Price of electricity

- The price of water resources

- The average construction cost

- Prices of transport services

- Cost of infrastructure

- The market information about areas in which investor interest.

A suitable investment location is very important. It must meet the night of the factors facilitating the trading activities of investors. IntracoLaw Consulting Firm suitable investment locations based on aggregate indicators from the legal to the costs that investors incur to the obstacles to be overcome for the following activities.

Partner Search: Consultant looking for suitable partners needs. In many cases, investors have more partners (and financially able, land, space, expertise or other advantages) to do business. With information systems thick and wide ties, helped many investors to get together to collaborate on projects.