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• Advice assess protection of patents, trademarks, industrial designs in Vietnam. (Look up the distinctiveness of the trademark, lookup novelty, distinctiveness of industrial design, new look, innovative and industrial applicability of the invention).

• Prepare registration dossiers of application for the protection of inventions, trademarks, industrial designs in Vietnam. (Make application, write a description of the industrial design, consulting written description of the invention, the description of the invention translated into Vietnamese).

• Monitoring and evaluating feedback on the results of the Department of Intellectual Property of Vietnam. implementation of complaint procedures are refused.
• Subscribe to the duration of protection and implementation of procedures for extending the term of protection.
• To pay maintenance fees every year protection for patents.
• Monitor the application has been published, and evaluate the possibility of conflict with the system marks the brand's customers (IP Monitoring).
• Opposing the application for protection of inventions, trademarks, industrial designs in Vietnam in case of necessity.
• Implement procedures to change the information in the degree of protection relating to the transfer, change information of the owner ...
• Advice assess and establish protection rights related to patents, trademarks, industrial designs in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar
• Consulting to establish rights to the brand in foreign countries. Register directly at the industrial property offices of national or registration through the Madrid Agreement, the Madrid Protocol.