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Registered trademarks, registered trademarks, registered proprietary logo

Trademark or brand, a logo is a sign used to distinguish goods or services of organizations and different individuals. Trademarks are an important asset of every business in the fiercely competitive market. Aware of the protection of trademarks is not aware of protecting the investment performance of the business but also the market's current business and future.

Company proud to be one of the few law firms are licensed representatives of Industrial Property in Vietnam. consulting company for businesses in the registration of trademarks, registered trademarks, registered proprietary logo and abroad with professional services, accurate, fast and efficient.

Coming to, you will be the lawyers, experts on industrial property consultancy regulations, requirements for a trademark to be protected in Vietnam and internationally.

Some basic content for registered trademarks that you need to know:

- Cost of services for trademark registration filing

On the basis of brands and categories of goods and services that the customer offer, the Company will announce details related charges.

- Time to mark certificate of trademark registration:

Time to get certificate of trademark registration usually around 8-10 months including 2 months of application and evaluation forms while remaining substantive examination of the application.

- Ask about trademarks:

As a visible sign in the form of letters, words, pictures, photographs, including a holographic or a combination of factors that are expressed in one or more colors;
Capable of distinguishing the goods or services of the trademark owner's goods or services of other subjects. Marks will not be protected if it is the sign under the provisions of Article 73 of the Law on Intellectual Property. Brand is not considered to be capable of distinguishing that fall into the cases specified in Clause 2, Article 74 of the Law on Intellectual Property.

- Requirements on record. Profile registered trademark minimum the following documents:

The declaration of registration;
Sample labels and list of goods or services bearing the mark. The list of goods and services must be grouped correctly.
Vouchers to pay charges and fees.

- Process evaluation trademarked profile

Receipt of the application;
Formal examination of the application;
Announcing the proper application;
Substantive examination of the application
Grant or refuse to grant a protection title;
Register and announced its decision to grant a protection title.